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The  Klapdealz is an online restaurant-based table reservation portal that allows you to view a restaurant's menu, the price of food items, restaurant location, and reviews. Klapdealz lets you select a restaurant based on multiple cuisines.


Pilot is an aircraft pilot hiring and management software that allows you to hire a pilot around your area. Other features of Pilot include searching a pilot, hiring cabin crew, prioritizing pilots, and payment services.


CRM is a Customer Relationship Management software and developed for Westside Kia and Westside Chevrolet at Houston, Texas. They use the software solution to provide services of After Sales support, Customer Inquiry, Car Sale or Refurbishment Inquiry Management.


Project Management Tool (PMT) is a project monitoring and management software to manage various software development processes. It is an In-house application used by BlueBox's team for maintaining daily tasks with timers, posting bugs, bug status, employee chat application, and task list.

ATT Facial Recognition

ATT Facial Recognition application is an attendance management system based on face detection technology that is deployed on-site at Westside Kia, Westside Chevrolet, and Central Group. The high-tech solution used for employee management services and further usable


Niltronix Circuits is a High Tech Printed Circuit Solutions provider in Houston, Texas which provides PCB Layout, Fabrication and Assembly services with Assured On Time Delivery. BlueBox Infosoft developed an Enterprise Resource Planning and business management solutions for Sales and Purchase, Purchase Order Generation and Vendor Management services. We delivered the software solution in 2017, and the technologies used are .Net, SQL, JavaScript, and jQuery.

GSH Certificate Portal

GSH is a Certificate generation portal developed for Gujarat Samaj Houston to generate certificates for blood donors. A quite briefly used software was highly useful for awarding the blood donors with a certificate

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