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Job Description

We are looking for an Experienced, Extremely Hungry, and Passionate YouTube Manager to join us.

We are looking for a creative, out-of-the-box growth hacker and content specialist with an iterative mindset who is entrepreneurial in nature and can be a part of the early team at Bluebox Infosoft (P) Ltd.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Experience candidate who had at-least 5 years experience with running YouTube channels or other, similar community-driven online video portals.

New Idea’s- To propose innovative ideas, in order to induce creative growth strategies. To keep a regular track of the current YouTube trends, to work in a coalition with the content team on ideas to grow a video in multiple ways.

· Research & Scripting – Research on what content is performing well on YouTube as well as other sites, in order to advise on channels’ content needs, and generate ideas.

· Help ideate stories and see through to completion, project managing all aspects of the production.

· Planning content with innovative ideas to grow channel and take ownership.

· Handling post production including video editing, optimization of YouTube videos, help and plan in scheduling videos for the best engagement.

· Team management and team building including hiring, training team, performance review, analytics etc.

· Keep an eye on the channel analytics and growth percentage.

· Responsible for content distribution over all social media platforms and application (If applicable).

· Develop production schedules including shoots and edits

· Planning and strategizing the content for the growth.

· Implement best practices of a digital production process including thumbnails, headlines, data, etc. in service of growing views

Identify the video topics that will bring in direct impact to the YouTube channel and revenue for the business.

Drive and oversee a robust video calendar by supervising content creators, collaborating with subject matter experts and being an arbiter of best practices in grammar, messaging, writing, and style.

Lead the technical content creation effort on multiple technologies for our learners, from beginner level to advanced level concepts.

Understand the target audience and deploy good SEO techniques for content discoverability along with promoting the content on various channels and platforms.

Measure and analyze the performance metrics and perform root-cause analysis for channel performance.

Be creative and keep innovating to drive a fast-paced growth for the YouTube channel.

Skills Required:

PPT Designing & Formatting

YouTube SEO, Content Management

Tools: VidIQ, Tubebuddy, etc.

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